French Onion Soup 12

Guacamole Toast 16

Poached eggs & guacamole on sourdough toast, home fries & baby greens

Omelette 14.50

served with home fries & baby greens

Choice of three (ham, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, bacon, cheese)

Eggs any style 13

served with bacon, home fries & baby greens

Le Jardin’s 5×5 Chili

Cup 10, Bowl 15, Bowl with salad 20

Jumbo Spicy BBQ Wings 10/20

Shrimp Cucumber Bites 16

Blackened shrimp on a guacamole cucumber slice, spicy mayo(4 pcs)

Blistered Shishito Peppers 12

spicy aioli

Escargots 14

Chili Nachos 14

cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream

Beet Salad 12

Goat cheese, baby greens, apples, lemon parmesan dressing

Nicoise Salad 28

Seared tuna, baby greens, olives, string beans, potatoes, hard-boiled egg, roasted red pepper, anchovies

Caesar Salad 13

with Chicken 17 with Salmon 18 with Shrimp 19

Wedge Salad 15

Romaine, tomatoes, bacon & blue cheese dressing

Crispy Spinach Goat Cheese Wonton Salad 15

Kale Salad 13

with Chicken 17 with Salmon 18 with Shrimp 19

Chicken Milanese Salad 26

Breaded chicken cutlets topped with baby greens, tomatoes, mozzarella, red onion, balsamic dressing

Croque-Monsieur/Madame 14/16

(with sunny side egg)

Open faced ham & swiss cheese sandwich, served with fries

Club Sandwich 14

Grilled chicken, bacon swiss cheese, ham & tomato, served with fries 14

Chicken Caesar Wrap 16

served with fries

The Vermonter 15

Breaded chicken cutlet, avocado, apples, cheddar cheese, sourdough toast, served with fries

Salmon Risotto 29

Mixed vegetable risotto, Dijon mustard cream sauce

Trout Almondine 28

sautéed spinach, lemon butter sauce

Yellowfin Tuna 32

mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach, balsamic reduction

Lobster Roll Sliders 32

Served with fries & salad (3pcs)

Mussels & Fries 27

White Wine, Curry Cream or Mustard Cream

Pasta Carbonara 25

Pulled Chicken Tacos 20

topped with coleslaw in flour tortillas, with fries (2 pcs)

St. Louis Spare Ribs served with fries (5 pcs) 29

Boneless Fried Chicken with Mac n’ Cheese 26

BBQ Burger 20

Served with fries

Burger du Roi 20

Bacon, swiss cheese & sunny-side egg served with fries

Burger & Fries 18

Tuna Burger 24

Veggie Burger 18

served with baby greens

Chicken Tacos 17

Cajun chicken, corn, black beans, pico de gallo in flour tortillas, side salad (2pcs)

Shrimp Tacos 19

Cajun shrimp, kale, com, black beans, pico de gallo in flour tortillas, side salad (2pcs)

Fish Tacos 18

served with a side salad (2 pcs)


Chicken Fingers & Fries 13

Menu items may change without notice